Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Christmas is actually a multi-day event for us. We had a party at the beginning of the month with one side of Eric's extended family. We spent the 23rd with Eric's immediate family, 24th with my immediate family, and the 25th with Eric's other side of the family. And if that wasn't enough stuff for the boys, Santa stopped by. As you can tell by the picture, it looks like Toys 'R' Us exploded in our living room. The boys didn't know what to play with first.Landon was right in the middle of it all. He has actually been wearing his CI's as full BTE's. He had a bad diaper while we were out the other day and I didn't have a spare bodysuit with me - he was wearing the battery part in pockets on his undershirts instead of with the babyworn clips. The only way I could keep his ears on that day was to make them the regular BTE's. We thought it would be a few years before he could wear them like this but they are actually staying on better like this than when we separate it and use the babyworn setup.
Landon is getting tooth #5. His top 2 teeth just broke through last week but he was still gnawing on everything so I looked in there tonight and one of his back molars on the right has broken through. He is cruising along all the furniture and thinks he's big stuff when he lets go with both hands- even if it is only for a second. The boys have started a countdown for Disney World. They can't wait until we go. We are definitely ready for a vacation.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quiet anyone?

I had to share this picture. I put Landon in his bouncy seat watching Baby Mozart so I could mop the kitchen floor - without his help:) This is what I found one of the times I checked on him.
I guess he decided he wanted some quiet for his nap - I usually leave his ears on from the time he gets up until he goes to bed at night.

Monday, December 10, 2007

National Championship Game

For those of you who requested it, here's a picture of Landon in his LSU uniform and our internet friend Drew in his OSU uniform (thanks Jenny for letting us post him here). We met Drew and his family through the CICircle yahoo group. Drew was born 3 days before Landon and was blessed to receive his bilateral implants at eight months old. His mom has been a wonderful source for help on our journey since she is going through everything before me. I got the idea for the undershirts for Landon after seeing the setup they were using for Drew's bodyworn processors. My sister Cindy has been the sewing queen for me making a bunch of them and they are working out great. It's a lot easier than the babyworn clip that we initially started with.

We've "met" quite a few families on the CICircle that have young kids with implants and they have all been so helpful - any time we have a question or problem we just stick it out there and I always get tons of responses. You can check out some of the kids stories on their blogs - down on the right under CI blogs. I check them constantly to see how the kids are doing. I've been going back to some of the older posts on Drew's so that I can have an idea of when he was responding to certain things and it gives us an idea of what to expect from Landon. I know this is all off topic from what the picture is for but just wanted to send a Thank You to all those moms out there that have been down the CI path for keeping up their blogs and helping all of us newbies out.

As far as the picture - looks like Drew and Landon will be on opposite sides for this one. All I can say on that is Tiger Bait, Tiger Bait :-) The boys will probably sleep through the game anyway. Good Luck Buckeyes - but Go Tigers!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

GEAUX Tigers!!

Nanny Tammy got Landon his Christmas outfit. Only in Louisiana does purple and gold work for Christmas. Hopefully he'll be wearing it as we celebrate a National Championship for LSU.

Littlest Tiger Fan

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Santa visit

We took the boys for their picture with Santa. This year the mall went all out with something called Santastic. First, they have the kids write a quick letter to Santa with what they want. Next, they drop it into a mail box that is linked directly with the North Pole - when you open it cold air and snow fly up in the air. The kids then have to hit the Naughty or Nice button to find out if they've been good - Connor refused to do this. There was a big sign next to the picture setup that was a warning for those with pacemakers. When I asked the photographer about it he said there was a really strong magnet on the left arm of the chair. Needless to say we sat Landon on the right. I didn't know we would encounter problems with his implants and Santa Clause.
Landon didn't know what to make of him. It was a change from last year - when he was just staring off into space. This year he looked when the photographer shook the bells.
Garrett is our fearless one. He ran up first for his picture. Definitely not a shy one!
I think the only reason Connor took a picture was because I told him Santa wouldn't bring him any presents if he didn't. He wouldn't talk to him though - he said he wrote what he wanted on the letter so he didn't need to tell Santa.