Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another great video

Just goes to show, kids with implants can do anything other kids can do---even play major league baseball :)

Great video

This is a great video that tells about cochlear implants. It was neat to see Dr. Graeme Clarke interviewing kids with implants and their parents. The second part lets you see some of the kids a few years later so you can see how well their language progressed.
part 1

part 2

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taking a break

We decided to take a break from therapy this summer. Landon is doing really well with his speech. According to the testing his AVT does, he still has a little delay, but we've both come to the agreement we think a lot of his scoring has to do with his personality. Landon does not like to just sit there and "perform". He'll cooperate for a while but after 30 minutes or so of answering the questions, pointing at pictures, and naming objects, he is ready for something else. The testing at this point is very specific-like if he doesn't have the s on the end and it should be a plural then it's wrong. His therapist and his dad and I think he is really above where he is testing-it's just we aren't able to get him to do it at that time when he needs to. The only things he is really still in therapy for is fine tuning his pronunciation--getting certain letters pronounced right. Right now we are working on F, V, S, Z, and L. He's got the pronunciation of them down so the focus now is just getting him to use it in every day speaking. Just like any typical kid, he's gotten lazy with his speech so we are trying to get him to take the time and really pronounce things correctly. Like when he says his name, instead of just mumbling it like he does....getting him to put that good "L" on the beginning so it's clear. Until you are going through speech therapy, you never really pay attention to how certain sounds should be produced. Like a "S" should be made with the tongue behind the teeth. Shelley caught both Garrett and Connor saying words incorrectly with this so we've been working on them too to get teeth together and give a good S. It's the fine tuning of these types of things that are the focus of Landon's therapy these days.