Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Change in plans

We just found out today Dr. Molony will be out of town the week Landon's surgery was scheduled so now it looks like we'll be having surgery Oct. 1. Hopefully it won't get changed again.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Update for surgery

We have gotten a little more information on the surgery schedule. We have a pre-op appt on Sept. 26, surgery on Sept. 27 and a post-op appt on Sept. 28. We'll probably be sick of the car after that much time in it driving to New Orleans. It could be worse - I've seen where some families have traveled over 10hrs to get to a surgeon. Hopefully there won't be a lot of traffic everyday (who am I trying to kid - it's New Orleans - it's always a parking lot :) We also have a post-op Oct. 5. Landon will be a first for the surgeon - he hasn't done simultaneous bilaterals before. He said it only takes him an hour for one ear so it shouldn't be that long of a surgery doing both.

Landon's activation is set for Oct. 29 at 9:00. We are hoping to take video of it so we can post it on the website so everyone can see his first reaction to sound. We've been warned that most start crying but we have also seen some where the kids either show no response or are happy to hear. He smiles every day when he sees his hearing aids coming at him so hopefully he'll like the sound he'll get with the CI's.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Rooms

Connor wanted me to put pictures of their new rooms so everyone could see. He picked the paint and wall decorations. It's a combination of Star Wars and outer space. Luckily Garrett is still at an age we can appease him pretty easily. He wanted a lime green room while Connor had to have blue so the compromise was green sheets for Garrett. The ceiling also has planets and glow in the dark stars - it's pretty cool looking at night.We made Landon's into a listening room for his therapy. We put pictures of the learning to listen sounds all around. We are still trying to find a couple of them but it's a pretty good start.

Monday, August 13, 2007

What a present!

We have a date. Landon will receive bilateral cochlear implants on his first birthday - Sept. 27. What a first birthday present! Let the countdown begin.

Connor had his first day of Kindergarten today. He was really excited to get started. We have decided to homeschool the boys. We are starting Garrett on pre-K activities and Landon will be having his therapy so all the boys will be having "school" every day. We can already see the benefits of having older siblings in Garrett - his vocabulary is great for someone his age (now we just need to get him potty trained!) He is like a sponge - soaking up everything that we are working on with Connor. I'm sure we will see definite benefits for Landon with his therapy by having older brothers to play with and learn from. He'll be getting extra learning time just by sitting at the table while I'm helping his brothers on their school work. I think the only trouble I'm going to have with Connor is keeping him on a schedule. As soon as he was done with the assigned pages of work he wanted to keep on going in the books. He probably would have done all of this weeks assignments today if I would have let him. I'm going to try and find some worksheets on-line that correspond with what he is learning so that he'll have enough work to keep him happy but will keep him building the skills and concepts at the appropriate rate. If I let him go at his own pace he'll be done with Kindergarten by Christmas.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

We have approval!

We received an email from our case mgmt at the insurance and Landon has been approved for bilateral CI's! Now we just need a surgery date from the doctor and the countdown can begin.
Typical day - putting ears back on, and on, and on...!