Monday, January 31, 2011

Stop the clock

Where did January go? It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas and it's almost February. I'm still trying to figure out where 2010 went. The days sure fly by with 4 kids. The holidays are always a busy time for us, in the middle of all the Christmas activities we also have birthdays for 7 family members and our anniversary all crammed in the month of December.

We've been talking about the Cochlear Celebration at Disney for so long I can't believe it's almost time. Eric's parents, sister, and nephew are going so they can help us with the kids during some of the sessions. Maybe when Landon is older we'll let him do some of the activities for the kids but at this point we're not comfortable with the idea of him going off alone with strangers. We are really looking forward to all the "family" activities they offer. I've gotten to talk to several families online with kids with implants but we haven't been able to meet many in person so it will be nice to finally get the opportunity. It's going to be interesting to see how Landon reacts to seeing other kids with "ears" like his. He's only seen a few kids before with implants.

We took the kids to see a Star Wars exhibit at a nearby museum a few months ago. We were surprised to find a section on cochlear implants. They had a display showing how the technology of star wars (droids, robots, etc) translated into everyday life-like prosthetics and implants. We took a picture of Landon in front of the CI display and then Garrett walked by it and Landon told him no-those were his ears.

a little late but....hope you had a good holiday!