Thursday, February 21, 2008

Long time no blog.

Okay, it's been a while since we've posted - time has just gotten away from us since we've been dealing with sick kiddos and trying to recover from the trip. We took Landon in the day before we left for Disney. He had been having a runny nose/sneezing and was pulling on his ears a lot so we just wanted to make sure he was fine before we left. He ended up having a lot of wax that they cleaned out and put him on some medicine for the other stuff. By the middle of the trip, he added a nasty sounding cough and would cough up some congestion. In the midst of this Garrett started with the same thing. We got home on a Saturday, I worked Sunday, went to New Orleans for new maps on Monday, and had both boys at the doctors on Tuesday. They both had to start with breathing treatments and Landon got an antibiotic plus had fluid in his ears. As soon as they started feeling better, this weekend Connor started with it and Sunday night was up crying with his ears. After another trip to the doctors, he has double ear infections. We came home from the doctors and all the kids got scrubbed from head to toe. Apparently there is a nasty flu bug going around - there were 3 kids that got sick in the waiting room while we were there. Hopefully that's the last we'll see of the doctor - at least for the next 3 weeks until we have to go back for the recheck on their ears.

The mapping went well. We did a booth test and upped his high frequency maps. We go back at the end of April for his next maps.

Disney World was a blast. I have some pictures to post but I'm waiting for Eric to put the music on the video so hopefully soon we'll have those to share. Garrett asks every morning if he's going to get to ride Buzz Lightyear that day. Connor has decided we need to move to Mickey Mouse's house. When I told him he wouldn't be able to see his grandparents or cousins if we did that - he said that they could all move too so that way everyone could go to Mickey Mouse's house. Gotta love how a 5 year old's mind works. The boys had a ball. We would hit the parks early and stay late and they all did good. We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and ended up with a great view - we could sit on our balcony and watch the fireworks over the Castle at night.

Landon is showing a lot more responses to sounds these last few weeks. He loved It's a Small World - he would dance and tap his foot on it. He also started pointing to his ear when he would hear something but wasn't sure where it was. He started making the B sound - will say bah bah bah - the M sound - mah mah mah and the W sound wuh wuh wuh. The other day I was laying in bed trying to get him to fall asleep when the phone rang. He immediately sat up and looked over to my desk where the phone is. He has also got the airplane down. I can put some boats, cars and planes in front of him and without any prompting from me, he picks out all the airplanes and says AAAAhhhhhh with the change in pitch like we do. His progress seems to go in spurts. We'll have a week or two where it seems like he doesn't do anything new than we'll have a couple of weeks where he seems to do a lot of things.