Saturday, June 30, 2007

Buzz's Journey

We wanted to give a little insight into how we came up with the title for the blog. When Connor was little we nicknamed him Monkey Boy because he was always climbing and jumping on things. Garrett got the nickname Meatball because he was small with these really round cheeks. When Landon was a few months old Connor told us he needed a nickname like they had. Anyone who has been around an infant with hearing aids knows the constant feedback noise the aids give off. Connor came up with the nickname Buzz because he said Landon's ears were always buzzing. Garrett liked the name because he was really into Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story - he was always walking around saying "To infinity and beyond". So that's how we came up with the title Buzz's Journey to hearing and beyond.

A little history

We have three boys - Connor (5 years old), Garrett (3 years old), and Landon (9 months old). Landon failed the newborn hearing screening in the hospital. We went for a repeat OAE at 3 weeks which he also failed. At 5 weeks he had an ABR test which showed he has profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Having no experience with hearing loss, we had no idea what this would mean for our son and began to search for as much information that we could find. After looking at all the options, we decided the best thing for our son would be bilateral cochlear implants. This blog is a record of our journey to bring sound to Landon.