Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Landon reacting to sound

This is a clip we had made of Landon reacting to sound. His brother Connor is the helper. It also shows Landon mimicking the AAhhh sound. Now he can mimic the Aahhh and Mmmm sounds in both long and short - Aaaahhhh and Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah. We've also noticed he has gotten a lot louder just in general these days. Whether he is making sounds playing or even his crying, he is definitely showing a difference with the implants on. In the morning before we put them on and in the evening after we take them off he becomes very quiet again.

We went for another mapping Thursday. We are going slower through these programs than the first time. With his first map we could go through all 5 steps on a program in a day and it wouldn't phase him. With this one, if we bump him too soon you can tell he gets a little agitated and fussy like it is bothering him. We have gone through program 1 and are almost done with program 2. We go back on Dec. 10 for his next mapping. She told us when we get those that it would be closer to his NRT (the testing they did in surgery). She will also do a booth test to see what levels he is hearing at.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Two weeks ago we could have taken Landon to the airport, sat him on the runway next to a plane taking off, and he wouldn't have blinked an eye. Fastforward to today - he can be playing with a toy and if you hit the drum or shake a rattle behind him he will turn around to find the sound. He is also trying to imitate some sounds. If you say Aaahhh - he will say it back to you; this is a new game for him. We can go back and forth for ten minutes and he'll keep doing it. He has also said Mmmmm a couple of times when we are feeding him. He did it with Eric first, and then a couple of days later repeated it when I said it. He had his first speech therapy since activation last Wednesday. Our ST was impressed with his motor skills - the last time she had seen him we were debating doing PT. He also turned to different sounds for her. We go Thursday morning for his next mapping session. I wish they would do another booth test so we could see where he is hearing at.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick or Treat

The boys had a blast trick or treating. Landon was only interested in his glow stick. Afterwards they helped MaMa and Aunt Tammy give out candy to the other kids. If their costume was too scary, Connor wouldn't give them any - he made Garrett or his cousin Gavin do it.

Landon's new trick. The day after activation he started pulling up on things to stand. Before he would stand there if you put him but now he pulls himself up.