Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cochlear Celebration-2011

We have our hotel reservations for Cochlear Celebration 2011 at Walt Disney World. After looking over some of the videos from past celebrations it looks like it is going to be a blast. We can't wait to meet some other families and see what new things Cochlear is working on. As for their latest, the Nucleus 5, we love it. It is so much easier keeping it on Landon's ears. He now wears the BTE's with no additional equipment to keep it on-no snugfits, no toupee tape, nothing. The only time it seems to fall off is when he is wrestling with his older brothers but the freedoms did that too-even with the snugfits and tape, so we can't complain.
As far as any speech improvement, we can see a huge change in his language since switching to the N5. He's at a point now we have to have another language evaluation Friday to see if he will even qualify to continue receiving speech therapy through our insurance. We had moved down to only once a month AVT sessions and insurance is saying that is maintenance which they don't cover-they only cover if there is a delay. So we'll have to see how his testing goes and decide from there what to do.